Unemployed Youth Workshops

Youth unemployment is a national problem, young or inexperienced job seekers simply do not have sufficient knowledge of work readiness strategies.

Multi-generational unemployment means that the youth of South Africa do not have job search role models & even though there are significant numbers of learnerships & skills development programmes there are very few, effective job seeking interventions available. Without job search assistance unemployed youth use superficial job seeking methods & ultimately become discouraged.

The GOAL2WORK youth unemployment workshops are facilitated by job search experts with in-depth experience in guiding groups of unemployed youth in the insights, strategies, & tactics required to improve employability & successfully secure meaningful

The programme has been rolled out to large numbers of individuals in both urban & rural settings with great success. Research has shown that securing employment is almost 3 times higher for job seekers who have access to job seeking interventions & in addition confidence & self-esteem is greatly improved.

Unemployed Youth Workshops

  • Skilled facilitators with specialist knowledge of the job market
  • Accomplished in guiding small or large groups of unemployed youth in job seeking strategies
  • Successfully rolled out in urban, commercial & rural communities
  • Significant post workshop support using a variety of methods

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