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Job Readiness – What is it, and why is it necessary?

Job Readiness - What is it, and why is it necessary?

Job Readiness - What is it, and why is it necessary?

According to Stats SA 2018 the burden of unemployment is concentrated amongst the youth. Youth unemployment rates of over 50% mean that South African young people face extreme difficulty engaging with the labour market. Factors such as lack of experience and length of unemployment increase their vulnerability. Support for young people as they transition from school and tertiary studies to the world of work is crucial in order to enhance their ability to secure meaningful employment. Conducting an effective job search is therefore one of the most important life skills that should be offered at school or tertiary level but rarely is. In addition to those still in school or studying are approximately 3.3 million unemployed youth collectively called NEETS (Not in Employment, Education or Training). Without an effective intervention this group of young people may well be doomed to perpetual unemployment, hopelessness and the lack of a path out of poverty.

Following thirty years of career and job search consulting as well as extensive research into the factors that assist young job seekers secure meaningful employment, the Options Group developed GOAL2WORK, a multidimensional, goal orientated, job search and job readiness programme which delivers a range of interventions designed to empower job seekers, and provide a clearly defined course of action aimed at viable positioning in the job market in the shortest time possible. The programme offers a systematic approach to job hunting and tools and methods that are not normally considered or utilised in a coordinated approach, thus ensuring job seekers a far higher success rate at securing employment. The GOAL2WORK programme takes each individual step by step through the milestones that should be achieved during an effective job search. Programme participants are given a deep understanding of, and opportunity to practice, all of the strategies and tactics involved in a powerful job search, resulting in improved self-presentation skills and development of confidence, self-efficacy and motivation. All of which are essential in the quest to secure meaningful employment.

During the course of the programme participants learn how to plan for and conduct a search for their ideal job, they identify their strengths and talents and practice presenting themselves in a coherent way. Developing an awesome CV is a key aspect of the programme as is understanding what is involved in the background screening process. Using the internet for job search, networking like a pro and responding to ads and agencies effectively are all aspects that are thoroughly dealt with. All of these strategies culminate in interview handling theory and practice which ensures job seekers are able to handle interview questions powerfully. Offered in a variety of formats included facilitator-led unemployed youth programmes, e-Learning, blended learning, schools and university version and learnership job readiness programmes, GOAL2WORK has empowered 1000’s of young people to compete successfully in the job market.

What graduates are saying about GOAL2WORK's Job Readiness Programme

Graduates of the GOAL2WORK programme are inspired and show great enthusiasm for conducting a creative and organised job search, this is demonstrated in their post workshop comments regarding job readiness:

  • “This programme has opened my eyes, now I know how to approach a company that I want to work for, it also helped me to realise that I can go far with my career”.
  • “I thought it was just another course, but after these 3 days everything changed about how I look at what Goal2Work is. Quite an exciting experience. Thanks for boosting my confidence to go out and find my ideal job”.
  • “Goal2Work is needed by our communities and especially learners in final year of varsity. Thank you for the information”.
  • “I am very grateful for this workshop because it boosted my confidence in looking for a job and I am very positive that I will find work”.

Research has proven that unemployed individuals who have access to job seeking interventions are
three times more likely to find employment than those who do not.

For more information Phone: +27 (0) 11 949 9000. Email us via this link, or visit www.GOAL2WORK.co.za