GOAL2WORK Work Readiness Programme

GOAL2WORK is a multidimensional, goal orientated, job search & work readiness programme which delivers a range of interventions designed to empower job seekers, & provide a clearly defined course of action aimed at viable positioning in the job market in the shortest time possible. The programme offers a systematic approach to job hunting & tools & methods that are not normally considered or utilised in a coordinated approach, thus ensuring job seekers a far higher success rate at securing employment.

The GOAL2WORK Job Search Programme takes each individual step by step through the milestones that should be achieved during an effective job search. Participants are given a deep understanding of, & opportunity to practice, all of the strategies & tactics involved in a powerful job search, resulting in improved employability skills & development of confidence, self-efficacy & motivation. All of which are essential in the quest to secure meaningful employment.

The GOAL2WORK Work Readiness Programme modules include planning a job search, discovering skills & uniqueness, CV preparation, background screening, target marketing, networking & enlisting social support. It also includes the internet as a job search tool, responding to advertisements & interacting with agencies. Interview videos, role plays & well choreographed facilitation ensures participants are able to handle interviews successfully.

GOAL2WORK is offered in several formats including: Unemployed youth workshops, learnership job readiness programmes, educational institution programmes, e-learning & blended learning & retrenchment counselling. Post workshop support is a key feature of these programmes & is offered through various medium, chosen to suit the requirements of specific organisations, communities, individuals or groups.

GOAL2WORK Programme

  • A clearly defined course of action aimed at securing viable employment.
  • Educates participants on the most effective job search strategies
  • Enhances self-presentation & networking skills
  • Increases job search confidence & self-efficacy
  • Inspires pro-activity
  • Boosts job seeking motivation
  • Instils perseverance

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