Facilitated On-Site Programmes For Job Seekers

GOAL2WORK is offered on both facilitated & digital platforms & is designed for flexibility & suitability in commercial, urban & rural settings. The programme is deliverable with or without internet access & has been successfully rolled out in corporate, educational & community environments.

Understanding that unemployed individuals may not have the resources to travel to a single, central, training venue, our facilitator-led workshops are conducted at appropriate training locations designated by our clients, partners or community leaders.

Our facilitators have a unique combination of experience, they are required to be skilled in recruitment & career counselling as well as being accomplished facilitators & assessors.

We also place great importance on interpersonal competence & professionalism; these factors ensure our high standard of facilitation is consistently upheld.

Facilitated Training

  • Conducted in urban, community or rural settings
  • High standard of facilitation
  • Facilitators:
    • Skilled in recruitment, career counselling & facilitation
    • Strong interpersonal competence & professionalism

Facilitated On-Site Programmes for Job Seekers (Image)