Educational Institution Work Readiness Programme

Schools: It is rare for schools to offer job search training; job search is a life skill & for the same reasons as outlined in the youth unemployment section, it is highly desirable that, prior to leaving school, individuals are given training & guidance on job seeking strategies in preparation for their entrance to the job market. The Educational Institution Work Readiness Programme offers: a Life Orientation (LO) focused solution which targets youth from Grade 10, can be incorporated into the LO curriculum & includes; teacher training, assessment rubrics, 30 minute lessons &, model answers.

  • Even when tertiary education is the next step, job search training often helps define post school choices
  • Available in lecture led, e-learning or blended versions
  • Download directly onto tablets, laptops or desktops or online.

An e-learning programme for Grade 12’s is also offered & can be loaded directly onto tablets, laptops or desktops or, run online. The e-learning version delivers interactive animation & video, activities & assessments & is SCORM compliant. In addition GOAL2WORK offers a three day, lecture led workshop for grade 12’s covering the material as provided in the e-learning version & presented by a trained facilitator.

Universities & FET Colleges: Many universities & colleges offer some form of job hunting support however the coordinated, goal oriented & synergistic nature of the GOAL2WORK programme has proven to be uniquely successful in ensuring work readiness & search success. Each institution can select from the range of GOAL2WORK delivery methods the one most suited to their particular requirements.

  • Can be offered by educational institutions as an online or lecture led short course
  • Institutions can select from a range of delivery methods & branding options
  • Ensures graduates enter the market with the employability skills, polish & presentation to compete effectively.

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Educational Institution Job Search Programme - Teaching school leavers how to find employment (Image)