The GOAL2WORK job search programme was developed by the Options Group, an organisation with over twenty five-years’ experience in recruitment & career guidance. Realising the need for a formal & well-designed work readiness intervention the Options Directors’ harnessed the skills of recruitment industry experts, career specialists, educationalists & career consultants to create the programme.

With a deep conviction that multi-layered, goal directed, job seeking training would empower job seekers to fulfil their right to meaningful employment, these specialists collaborated to develop & refine this ground breaking programme.

GOAL2WORK was designed to develop employability skills & fosters the self-esteem & confidence, necessary to conduct a powerful job search & manage interviews with self-assurance.

Why We Developed GOAL2WORK:

  • Over 50% of South Africa's youth are unemployed
  • Multi-generational unemployment means no job search role models
  • Inexperienced job seekers lack knowledge of job seeking strategies
  • Lack of effective work readiness interventions perpetuates unemployment
  • GOAL2WORK provides the missing link between skills development & job creation

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