Programme Formats

GOAL2WORK Programme Format: Books

GOAL2WORK Jobseekers Toolkit

Specifically designed for Self-Study/Distance Learning. The GOAL2WORK Jobseekers Toolkit systematically guides you through the GOAL2WORK Programme and includes forms and examples. The Jobseekers Toolkit consists of 12 modules each taking about 2 hours study time and further practical activities where you begin an active job search module by module. Upon purchase of the GOAL2WORK Jobseekers Toolkit you automatically qualifying for a GOAL2WORK online Membership. This membership allows you to take part in our online forums and receive the latest job search news, information and tips.

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GOAL2WORK Workshop and Jobseekers Toolkit

A three day interactive, lecture-led, workshop. GOAL2WORK lecturers have practical experience in the job search industry and are trained to assess and successfully solve problems or questions that may arise during the workshop. Upon commencement of the workshop individuals will also qualify for an online GOAL2WORK Membership where they can take part in online forums and receive the latest job search news, information and tips. The GOAL2WORK Workshops consist of three Phases (Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3), each addressing an essential part of your job search. 

Each person attending the workshop/s will receive a GOAL2WORK Jobseekers Toolkit (Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3), which includes the following:

Book format:

Phase 1: 4 Modules, 59 Pages, worksheets, assessments, 1 Day.

Phase 2: 6 Modules, 62 Pages, worksheets, assessments, 1 Day.

Phase 3: 2 Modules, 17 Pages, worksheets, assessments, interactive roll play, video tutorials and certificate of completion (if all 3 Phases was completed). 1 Day.

The GOAL2WORK Workshop may be run in-house, at GOAL2WORK venue or through a GOAL2WORK Partner. 

Contact the GOAL2WORK team and we will formulate a programme application to best suit your company’s unique needs.